Going through life with grace

Being graceful in life is living your life similar to clear white waters of a stream that keeps flowing. It might ebb and flow but never stops. It is something really special to me that I am writing on this topic today for all of you to understand what it takes to pass through your life with utmost grace. 

Rising above challenges, watching people around you take decisions that impact you, letting it all happen yet holding your head high, your heart warm and your mind clear. Believing in yourself, believing in your journey beyond all, believing in your faith on the universe to bring the best to you. It takes a Braveheart to live a life with grace. 

I was not born with this thought process. I was not taught to be graceful. In fact, if anything I have had role models all through my life for who emotional decision making was always the thing. I believed for a very long time, 50 years to be specific, that being emotional was being strong. Almost all decisions taken by me in life have been done so emotionally and I have been proud of it too, suffered great losses but never the less, proud of it. 

But, here I am, 3 years later, a person I truly do not recognise but admire and love immensely. Living with grace requires a very different mindset. Here I have some pointers that I believe helped me transform myself with. But if you still have that question of why you have to be graceful, then the answer is just very simple. It is for your own sanity, mental wellbeing & to not give the driving seat of your life to someone else. If these reasons are not good enough, then what is? 

  • Believe that no challenge is bigger than your life itself. However huge & difficult the issue it, it is still that tiny little part of your big long life. Just putting this in perspective brings about a huge shift in your actions on how you react to challenges.
  • Time is the most essential ingredient that we all have as we pass through our lives, so wasting time over other’s actions / decisions shows you how little you understand the value of time. Your strengths to make the best use of your time, your way is important and that is exactly what you do when you do not 
  • Adopt a “let them” lifestyle for yourself. This will change it all for you. By letting people do what they wanna day in the present moment just ensures that you get an upper hand of being able to see them in their true form and moving ahead with the right to choose who to keep around you and who not to.

Look around yourself. Read people as if you are readying a book Keep the information in your head, smile and move on. Everything else will work itself out. Period.






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  1. Anirudh Menon Avatar
    Anirudh Menon

    A very critical point you mentioned is the one about time. Everyone has 24 hours. How one utilises it determines what he/she achieves? I could totally resonate your blog as I am going through that phase. One thing I am learning and practicing is to ignore what is not relevant to me and not let my mind think in that direction.

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