What if I had lived a life without challenges?

I read some very interesting articles on “What ifs?”

What if Abraham Lincoln hadn’t been a Circuit Lawyer?

What if an Artist becomes a Scientist?

What if Thomas Edison hadn’t turned his failure into success?

These readings made me ask myself, “what if I hadn’t seen or experienced all the challenges that I did in this life?”

That pushed me to write this blog on a rainy Sunday evening, sitting with a hot glass of water.

What if I had lived a super secured and safe life?

  • I would not be someone who looks at problems fearlessly and turn them to opportunities. There is no problem in this world that can show itself to me and I would not turn it around to make it my next big opportunity. I am sure you would ask me on how I do it, that is for another blog some other day, but for now, that is the truth. My present venture which will become 4 years this month was a crises baby born out of burning challenges from a failed venture. Today, this venture works with some very selected handpicked startups and drive them across their growth milestones inclusively.
  • I would not have found this transformed person that I am today. I was born to an emotionally charged family environment. I was brought up by parents who knew not to think realistically. I displayed the same kind of personality traits with my work as well, until failures happened. Shit hit the roof and challenges came from all sides. When I was pushed to the corner to such an extent that I saw no way forward. The woman who walked out of that situation was not the same who had got into it. I believe and without doubt give the credit of everything good that I am today to everything bad that happened to be in the past.
  • Today, I realise that I am a better person, better mentor, better coach, better storyteller, better innovator, better friend and a better woman to every crap that I have faced in this life.

So, if you have lived a secured life, if you have not broken some boundaries or rules, if you have not felt that it was all ending at some point of time, you have not seen the best of you still.






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