Crises Creates Courage – Savage Life

Today I wanna speak about courage. It’s a shitty formula that the universe has created to make people courageous. Why could it not have something like, once you are able to do 1000 pushups or walk for 100 kilometres or climb Mount Everest, you are labelled, stamped or certified as a courageous human being. Why the fuck does it have to be that you get hurt by your closest, you get dragged through shit by your own and then if, only if you come out of it still standing on your two feet, then you are called courages? Ain’t it the most shitty structure in order by the universe? 

Anyway, last 24 hours have been testing for me, once again, I had to prove to the universe that “I laugh at the face of danger” yeahhhh that’s the line from Lion King, but I guess what I am saying is, let’s lead a “Savage Life”, let’s smile in our worse, you feel like fucked up case of a ship wreck but you keep floating, you don’t go down under. Being savage is being you in your worse. 

I was me yesterday. I heard my closest acknowledge the lies said to me for years, I heard my closest turn it around at me making me the reason for the lies, I could see through my loved one, I could read through a pattern, I could hear my heart shatter to a thousand pieces, I could feel the cold wetness of my blood as my chest froze and tears trickled down but all this while, I kept smiling, looking up at the sky and saying… “I live a savage life” I don’t fear anymore. I don’t in real. 


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