Business Blooms through Challenges

This is a true story about a business that is not so glamorous yet so beautiful. It is a story of a woman entrepreneur who did not choose this business for herself but the business chose her. This story is about us, the consumers, who most often forget how important these businesses are who are offering products that are not truly recognised by us. 

Flowers, Gifting, Baking are businesses that investors do not see value in, consumers assume they will always be around to provide and government still considers them as disposable whenever needed. Today, I write about a business & its leader who I came across very recently and we work very closely with them. VK Flora is the business name & Lakshmi is the business owner.

As stated earlier, Lakshmi did not choose VK Flora, circumstances and responsibilities brought her to the chair that today she sits on as the sole leader for a business that is 30 plus year old, with crores of turnover, employees spread across locations in the city and challenges in abundance yet, she smiles her beautiful pleasant smile at every challenge, she works closely with her team members, she is soft spoken, kind hearted & passionate to learn and not give up. She is a true example of a business leader, if she had a mindset of a “startup founder” she must be riding the highest of clouds, claiming her business to be in 100s of crores but naaahhhhhhh.. she is just a Business Owner, who believes in what she can, what she must and what she will. She is not going after investors, she is not giving up just coz challenges keep coming at her. She definitely does not hesitate to learn the new tricks of business. In simple she has her head down and moves with one foot ahead of the other with focus on growing her “Exotic Flower Business” to the next level. As for me, I know I will walk along with her, lead her at times, push her forward at few, but she will find me with her always. 

Now, let us speak a little on the business. Do you know that in India, Flowers are one such category of products that have been burdened with the responsibility of being present with births, deaths, happy and sad moments & why so, because they bring vibrancy and calmness to those around them. A business that delivers these products holds equal responsibility of ensuring the best is reached to their customers. This is how critical a Flower Business is about. 

VK Flora brings the most exotic flowers in India directly from the “Floriculturists”. Lakshmi and her team have their own vehicles that brings the best of the best products to her set-up and further gets it delivered to their B2B customers from across the country. They recently started B2C as well with pandemic coming in, even though it did not make much sense, they still did it, after all they had to keep the company afloat and they did, powerfully. 

Last week, I picked some for myself and I would like to just end this story by saying, I smile brighter every morning now when I see these beautiful exotic flowers in my living. I get inspired looking at them between my work calls because they seem to smile back at me at all times, whispering “you got this girl”. 

Let us today take a moment to all these amazing business owners who have been around forever bringing the best to us as their consumers and yet, we do not invest much of our mind-space to appreciate them. If you are intrigued enough about this amazing woman business owner and the business, here is her link for you


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