Smiles are Magical

There is a kid, continents away from me, he is months old and has no clue I even exist, I have never met him, his smile can change the way I see life. His smile can make me believe in the goodness of this world. His smile can get me out of the darkest space I could be in, in my thoughts. This kid with his magical smile has that power over me. 

This simple act of magic from the past few months pushed me to write this blog on this topic. 

When is the last time you “Truly Smiled”? 

I am not speaking about the change of your face muscles. I am also not writing about the cordial expression that you pass on to someone. I am referring to that “SMILE” that brightens your day, that brings a glow in your eyes and that expression that makes you feel alive, even for just that 1 minute. When is it that you did that?

Dr. Brian L Weiss writes in his book,” Messages from the Masters”, about how when we are born, we are in our true form of freedom. Our early months or even years, we bring the best to this world from the heavens above and I see that it is very true when I see this little “joy of happiness” that has come into my life. 

Hence, I have started to smile through my heart even if it is a nod to a stranger, message to a loved one or a sign of acknowledgment to an associate. I smile with my heart. I smile with every ounce of goodness that is within me. After all it is just that small investment of a moment of me into this effort of smiling and it can go a long way for the others around, even those who you are not even directly in touch with. Because a true smile is contagious. It gets carried from one to the other within moments. 

You think I am wrong, try this small exercise someday. As you walk by the road side, give a true smile to a stranger passing by. Then turn around and follow him / her and you will see, they will smile back to someone else & if they do, follow the one they smiled at and see the chain that gets formed. 

But if you believe that “True Magical Smile” exists, then do not waste another moment. Smile at your neighbour, smile at your client, smile at your investors, smile at your friend, smile at your enemy and just keep smiling. After all, it is this one beautiful life that we are passing through, let us do that with smiles that are magical.


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