A thought to a million dollars

“Dreams don’t work unless you do” I wanted to leave my words for the world to read and what better way to do it than to author books? I have co-authored “A Thought to a Million Dollars” and it is that part of the journey with my community-driven initiative when we truly were ready to go to the end of the line to make it happen. The contents of the book highlight some of the key milestone moments and nerve-wracking challenges that we faced between 2012 to 2016 as we built the community. 

Titles under Development

Fat2Fit – Journey of a Lifetime or a Journey of a Lifestyle 

I was 110 kilos in 2020 and by 2023 I was 75 and this book is just not the food or workout. It is a deep dive into every step that I took that helped me and every step that I slipped on. The book takes you through every detail of my weaknesses and strengths in choosing a healthy lifestyle. It breaks all myths that we have been hearing from experts and everything we have heard everyone around say about fitness and weight loss. What I started as a lifetime achievement to accomplish, soon did I realise that it was more of a lifestyle. I bring tools that help you accept it as your lifestyle. Await its launch soon.

Who better than you? 

This is a self-help book with lessons learnt through experiences. I have taken my life and broken it into 10 chapters and the 10 life-changing lessons that I got from each phase of my life and how each of them brought me closer to becoming my advocate when it comes to life choices and circumstances. I have opened my heart out to all my readers and shared some very personal experiences that sometimes can be hard to even remember ourselves let alone sharing with the whole world. I bring my best and the worst for you.