I believe we were sent to this world for a reason and that reason for one is to know as many different cultures, communities and people from across the world. Explore the beauty of nature and travel the world. The end game for me as per my dreams is to reach a place in life where we keep moving to different countries, cities and villages never to return to any place. Born a nomad and lived as one too… 

I have seen some places and been there and made connections and friends from across these beautiful places. Let us explore my past footprint and see where my tomorrow takes me too. 

I travelled to Ooty, Chennai, and Vellore for the first 35 years of my life. That is how small my world was. Then with Startups Club being a huge community from across the country, I have visited the 29 states of India. So, I can officially say, that I have travelled quite well in India

All across the cities in India, we would have our event on a day and then in the evenings or the next day, we would meet local people, make connections, visit local places and form memories. 

Abu Dhabi