The Cool Man near the Pool

It was a regular connect. It was just a phone call. It was yet another day for me at work but little did I knew that it was all going to change. In any day to day lives, how often do we stop to think deep about the mundane things that we keep doing every day.

Do you deep dive into the process of brushing your teeth every day?

Do you question yourself before you wear your running shows every morning?

Do you stop to consider the why’s and the how’s if it is your 10th networking call on any working day?

I don’t think so. I was doing the same on that day too. Dialled the number but the call went unanswered so I dropped a WhatsApp message, my regular style.

“hey, this is Salma Moosa, I got connected to you by X and would like to know your convenient time to get on a 20 minutes call”

The person on the other side of the line, responses right away informing me that he was on the road across states and would let me know soon. So far, nothing was out of the usual. But then we started exchanging our intro documents, Linkedin links, some of our works done and soon those messages become more comfortable and more easy flowing.

We both did not realise when we had moved into messages regarding our day, things that were we were doing and things that got missed out. Within 24 hours, this act of messaging this person and receiving messages from him had become an important part of my day.

We actually spoke for the first time after a week of messages but by then, we kinda knew each other enough to laugh on unsaid things, bitch about things in a lighter note & having healthy conversations. So the first call was not the introduction which it usually is, it was two friends catching up with each other.

This thing that was happening to me was new. Being a Single Woman in business, I have faced various scenarios. Professionals trying to hit on me. Friends trying to capture my professional reach. I have seen both the sides of the coin but this was a side that was new to me.

As a person that I am, I go with the flow, especially if it’s something that is healthy and feels right, I never overthink about it or try to force feed a version of my choice. I just let the universe take me through the journey. In such scenarios, being powerless is my way forward. I did exactly that.

Today, as I write this blog, we are two individuals way past our 50s. We are two professionals who have done similar stuffs and come with very unique skill sets. We are two individuals who trust each other enough to speak whenever and however we willingly desire.

We know that some day soon, we shall tap on each other’s professional capabilities and connections to collaborate for the greater good of our clients.

We know that we are friends for as long as the universe enables us to be.

We know that if one of us needs cheering, we will be the loudest of cheers. If one of us needs pulling up, we will get the toughest of talks. If one of us needs company, we shall have the other to be in silence together.

It is those special moments that we have together and all I know in those moments of conversation is that he is around a pool. So as I hear his voice, I sense my calmness, the warmth from the other side and the knowledge that he is out there around a pool over a conversation with me. This feeling at this point of time is what I am ready to run with.

If you are already making judgements in your head about what we are as two individuals, let me be very clear to you. I would have clearly mentioned here if we were lovers, we are not. I would have no issues to state that this is purely a professional connect, we are not. We are somewhere unknown yet beautifully perfect & because we are two adults who have seen a lot in our lives till our paths crossed, we are happy to be the unknowns. I say, if this is what unknown is, then let us all be unknowns with each other.


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